The HOGGS, Banner Elk Winery

"As soon as you get there, they cater to everything so you can just enjoy."

Enchanting Elopement Leah & Tim Hogg

Banner Elk Winery September 14, 2015 The bride and groom, a prosecutor and a police officer, grew up together in Jacksonville, Florida. They started dating in February 2015 and Tim popped the question seven months later. “He is someone that I have been praying for, and I feel like he felt the same way,” Leah said. “We really want to honor God through our relationship.” More than ready to tie the knot, the couple packed their bags and left the Sunshine State just days later, bound for a romantic getaway. “We were going to get married at the courthouse later that week, but we wanted to do something a little more special. We were already planning to visit Banner Elk because his dad has a cabin there,” Leah said. “The Sunday before we were going to leave we found out that Banner Elk Winery has an elopement package, and we learned that it was literally a mile away from the cabin.” Leah bought a dress from Nordstrom online and put a rush on the order so it would make it there on time. When they made it to the mountains, they drove to one of their favorite stores in Asheville to buy a tux for Tim. The elopement package included two nights in one of the winery’s villas, a tour of the winery, photography, flowers, a cake, the minister, and everything they needed for the ceremony. “We were married high on top of the mountain and we prayed before we exchanged vows. It was really cool that we had someone who we felt was a man of faith to preside over the wedding for us as the officiant,” Leah said. “Then, we went into the barn with the icicle lights for our first dance and took photos near the lake. “It included not just a photographer, but an amazing photographer. We had her for three or four hours and it was just us, so she was able to capture almost every minute of it. Then we were able to relax in the villa, and they even had someone making breakfast for us the next morning.” Not only were they happy with all of the services that were included in their elopement package, they appreciated the quiet time they got to spend together away from their busy jobs. “We were able to have more time to focus on God and what our vows were going to mean to each other and be in prayer and devotion to Him,” Leah said. “On the actual day, there were no distractions, so it was just the two of us sharing that moment together.” They’re now back in Florida as husband and wife, and the couple highly recommends the winery’s elopement package for any bride and groom looking for that perfect, private getaway. “As soon as you get there, they cater to everything so you can just enjoy yourself,” Leah said. “For everything that you ultimately spend, it’s really incredible. “The views were amazing. Just being able to focus on him on top of the mountain and saying my vows to him — that was definitely the most special moment.”