The SORCHERS, Art of Living Retreat Center

"It was a very spiritual day, especially being so high up in the mountains."

Spiritual and Spontaneous
Jennifer & Solomon Sorcher

Art of Living Retreat Center April 19, 2015

Jennifer Betesh and Solomon Sorcher left the bright lights and the big city for the serenity of the Blue Ridge and were married high in the hills on a misty mountain day.
Sol proposed in early spring after this free-spirited couple traveled from Maine to Georgia along the Appalachian Trail.

“In March, Sol proposed while we were visiting my parents in New Jersey,” Jennifer said. “We didn’t want to wait another day to get married, so we planned the whole wedding in two weeks!”

Both coming from orthodox Jewish families, the bride and groom planned for a traditional Jewish ceremony in an intimate atmosphere. Still feeling inspired by their journey through Appalachia, they found the perfect venue at the Art of Living Retreat Center in Boone.

“I wanted our wedding to be very low-key and very natural, channeling the Garden of Eden,” Jennifer said. “Both Sol and I could not imagine getting married anywhere but in the Blue Ridge Mountains.”

This go-with-the-flow bride found her ethereal gown in Manhattan just three days before they ventured south for the big day.

“We gathered our closest friends and family, road-tripped 14 hours from New York to North Carolina, and spent the weekend hiking, meditating in the mountains, and just living freely and spontaneously,” Jennifer said. “We traveled with 15 friends and we all jumped into Trout Lake on the Blue Ridge Parkway at 3 a.m. the night before our wedding.”

Following Jewish tradition, they were married under a chuppah, or a canopy that symbolized God’s watchfulness over the couple on their wedding day, which was built for them from birch wood by local florist Fuschia Moss.

“It was a very spiritual day, especially being so high up in the mountains,” Jennifer said. “It was pouring rain, so we couldn’t see the mountains, but there was something so serene about looking out the window and just seeing white clouds, like we were elevated above the physical world.”

The Sorchers are now back in New York City running Solifornia Fishing Company, a creative brand they established that was inspired by their travels through Appalachia.

Although they’re back in the big city, their wedding photography brings each of their favorite memories back to life.

“The best decision I made was to have our wedding in Boone and to have my closest friends and family experience the Blue Ridge Mountains in such a spiritual way,” Jennifer said. “Standing under the chuppah with Sol as the Rabi blessed us was my favorite moment. You could hear the rain tapping against the windows in a beautiful, cleansing tune.”